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New Retention updates and new SCRALL option is GA!

  • 1.  New Retention updates and new SCRALL option is GA!

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 23, 2022 04:22 PM
    The CA 1 Tape Management development group is pleased to announce the enhancement for new retention updates and new SCRALL option is GA!

    ***NOTE***  PE: YES   CORRECTED BY:  LU05824
    NOTE: This is a significant enhancement to retention processing. It is
    strongly recommended that the entire Cover Letter and DOC-HOLD be
    read prior to using the new option or new Retention keywords.
    This enhancement adds a new option called SCRALL to the TMOOPTxx
    member and removes 5 options (KEYTAP, WRKFLS, QSAMBF, DCHG and TCHG).
    This new SCRALL option (default is YES) indicates if a volume should
    be scratched when the volume-record (file-1) is expired (YES) or only
    if ALL secondary files are also expired (SCRALL set to NO).
    Also, changes to the RDS are included in this enhancement. The changes
    to RDS (both when executed via TMSEXPDT and when used by real-time
    retention) include three new optional parameters: WHILECAT=YES,
    MAXRETPD=NNNNN and GDG=YES/NO. This enhancement also includes the
    ability to specify RETPD=JCL instead of a numeric value.

    Please see TechDocs  and PTF LU05200 for additional information.

    Eardis Grisby
    Product Owner, CA 1 Tape Management
    Broadcom Software