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New OPS/MVS Instructor-Led Training is Now Available

  • 1.  New OPS/MVS Instructor-Led Training is Now Available

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 26, 2023 01:49 PM
    We're happy to announce the addition of two more instructor-led OPS/MVS courses to the three we released earlier this year:
    OPS/MVS® Event Management and Automation: Administrators and SYSPROGS 300 is a two-day course that will teach students how to complete the following tasks:
    • Archive OPSLOG data via manual or automated process
    • Merge archived OPSLOG data
    • Archive or restore OPSLOG data via the ISPF panels
    • Implement backup and restore methods for global variables
    • Implement OPS/REXX ADDRESS commands
    • Work with commonly-used OPS/REXX built-in functions
    • Implement SQL queries in your REXX programs
    • Work with Relational Data Frameworks (RDFs)
    • Use the Testing Facility to test automation rules
    • Explain how different security methods interact with OPS/MVS security events
    • Create AOF security rules
    • Enable OPS/MVS to make external security calls
    In addition, OPS/MVS: Overview of Integrations 200 is also available. After completing this two-hour course, students will know how to identify the products and components that you can integrate with OPS/MVS, and explain, at a high-level, how the integration of each product helps you expand and improve upon your existing automation. 

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    Instructional Designer
    Lisle, IL