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New Diagnostic API Added to NetMaster API Service

  • 1.  New Diagnostic API Added to NetMaster API Service

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jan 24, 2024 11:44 AM

    Hello, NetMaster Community!

    The NetMaster team is pleased to announce the Diagnostic API, the latest addition to the NetMaster API Service. The Diagnostic API provides your Network and Security staff with diagnostic information about the NetMaster regions you monitor.

    • The  GET: Diagnostic Data endpoint generates and retrieves a diagnostic data report from NetMaster. The report consists of output from a number of key NetMaster diagnostic commands.
    • The GET: Diagnostic Status endpoint retrieves information about the status of the SmartTrace feature.

    For more about the Diagnostic API, see Use the Diagnostic API and OpenAPI Specification for REST APIs in the NetMaster NM for TCP/IP documentation.

    To use the Diagnostic API, you must jointly apply PTFs LU11596 and LU11633. For more about these PTFs, see the NetMaster API Service Release Notes.

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