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MTC-M 14.1.3 validation opportunity

  • 1.  MTC-M 14.1.3 validation opportunity

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 13, 2023 03:29 AM

    Dear Vantage community members,

    MTC-M 14.1.3 is available for download on Vantage validation site. The main update is around reports, which now can be sent from the HOST (SAMS) independent of the UI being online (Windows client) or started (MTC-M). The reports are part of GOA scripts and can contain formatted text, table, picture and attachment.

    We welcome your participation with us in testing the code and validating the value it provides!  We are looking for feedback on the usability of the software and the completeness of the documentation.  We welcome you to join the Vantage validation site where you can to get early access to download the code, review the doc and do testing on your own.  (If you are new to the customer validation site, we look forward to your application to join.)

    Best regards,

    Vantage Team