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IDMS™ - ADS/Online Application Development Intermediate Digital Badge

  • 1.  IDMS™ - ADS/Online Application Development Intermediate Digital Badge

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 09, 2024 02:25 PM
    This is the second badge in the ADS/Online Application Development Series. If you would like to take the first badge, IDMS™ – ADS/Online Application Development Fundamentals, please search for Course Code 06IDM2064E in Learning@Broadcom.
    Earning this badge will demonstrate a developer's ability to build all of the components that make up an ADS/Online application. After acquiring this badge, you will understand how to:
    a. Use the MAPC, ADSC, and ADSA compilers to build full-function Maps, Dialogs, and Applications
    b. Use the IDMS™ Data Manipulation Language (DML) API to access and update IDMS™ Network database
    c. Develop robust online applications using the ADS language

    Below is a list of courses that correspond with this digital badge.  Please feel free to take any or all of them before testing your knowledge for the IDMS™ - ADS/Online Application Development Intermediate Digital Badge.

    • IDMS™: The Map Compiler (MAPC) (Course Code/ID: 06IDM20680)
    • IDMS™: The ADS Compiler (ADSC) - (Course Code/ID: 06IDM20690)
    • IDMS™: The ADS Application Compiler (ADSA) - (Course Code/ID: 06IDM20700)
    • IDMS™: The ADS Language – Network Database Commands 200 - (Course Code/ID: 06IDM20760)
    • IDMS™: The ADS Language – Control and Conditional Commands 200 - (Course Code/ID: 06IDM20780)
    • IDMS™: The ADS Language – Map Modification Commands 200 - (Course Code/ID: 06IDM20810)
    • IDMS™: The ADS Language – Arithmetic and Assignment Commands 200 - (Course Code/ID: 06IDM20840)

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    Lisle, IL