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Endevor Bridge for Git version 2.14.0 now available!

  • 1.  Endevor Bridge for Git version 2.14.0 now available!

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 26, 2023 10:47 AM

    Our team is excited to announce the general availability of Bridge for Git version 2.14.0! This is a feature and performance-enhancement packed release that we have been looking forward to getting to our users a great deal. 

    The primary features of this release include:

    • Ability to add branch to existing mappings in the UI
      System and Mapping Administrators can use the web UI to add a new branch (or branches) to an existing mapping. Use cases include adding a branch that points to a dynamic environment or a sandbox.

    • MF Webhook Server Management
      Administrators can manage event-based sync-back and webhooks in MF Webhook Server directly from the Bridge for Git user interface.

    • Specify default branch for a mapping
      Mapping Administrators can specify which branch of a mapping is the default in their Git server when they create a mapping. 

    • Caching of Endevor information
      Administrators can enable caching of the Endevor map for Endevor Connections to streamline the loading of Endevor information when creating mappings.

    In addition to these features, this version includes many fixes and a particularly important performance enhancement:

    • Recovery from interrupted initialization
      Bridge for Git can recover from interrupted initialization processing and, in terms of retrieving elements, can restart from where the processing was interrupted. 

    We want to stress the benefits of this recovery enhancement. For those of you who have had issues initializing large mappings in the past and experienced interruptions, this will save you a great amount of time. 

    Please find our documentation here: Endevor Bridge for Git New Features 

    Let us know if you have any questions or comments about the new release!

    Zach Mullen
    Product Owner, Integrations for Enterprise DevOps