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Endevor Bridge for Git version 2.11.0 now available

  • 1.  Endevor Bridge for Git version 2.11.0 now available

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 14, 2022 05:59 AM
    The development team is excited to announce the general availability of Bridge for Git version 2.11.0. The release includes the following new features:

    • An improved frontend that provides a more streamlined mapping creation experience as well better breadcrumb navigation throughout.
    • App Activity - Administrators can view events that are running on their Bridge for Git server.
    • Logs Access - Administrators can view and download Bridge for Git server log files from the UI.
    • Sync-back Enhancements - Administrators can set a specific date and time for server-level sync-back intervals. Administrators and mapping administrators can set sync-back intervals for specific mappings. Administrators and mapping admins can also run a "Sync-back now" command at the server and mapping levels.
    • CCID, Comment, and From-location Management - Mapping administrators can specify patterns for CCID, Comment, and From-location that are used for elements in a mapping.
    • Name Filter - Mapping administrators can create Git-Endevor mappings that are filtered for specific element names and types.
    • Webhooks Management - Administrators and mapping administrators can create webhooks at the server and mapping levels, respectively, to send information about events to a specified endpoint.
    • In-app Notifications - Bridge for Git users can view notifications for their mappings and actions directly in the UI. Administrators no longer need to set up a Bridge for Git email server.
    • Support for PostgreSQL database - Administrators can set up and configure Bridge for Git to work with a PostgreSQL database.

    This release also includes the following tech debt items that both customers and internal stakeholders identified:

    • Signin and signout options - Administrators can specify application.yml options that correspond to strict signout policies. Admins can also specify options for different element actions that govern how Bridge for Git manages signed out elements.
    • Personal Access Token (PAT) login - Administrators can enable Bridge for Git to use PATs from the enterprise Git server for user login.
    • Pre-hook checks for Feature Branches - Administrators can configure the pre-hook checks to work against feature branches that are created from a synchronized branch of a Git-Endevor mapping.
    • Improved application encryption - Administrators can configure Bridge for Git to use AES256 encryption.

    The release is available for download from Broadcom Support. In Downloads, search for Endevor and then select the "Solution Downloads." Find "Endevor Integrations for Enterprise DevOps" version 18.1 and you will find a list of the components available.

    Please note that our documentation has been reorganized to better align with and reflect the capabilities of the respective roles in Bridge for Git, Administrator, Mapping Administrator, and Developer.

    For any questions about the new functionalities, how to acquire the new version, or the documentation, please reach out to myself or Gary Beardmore (gary.beardmore@broadcom.com).

    We look forward to supporting you as you upgrade to this new version and continue to work with us on the continued development of Bridge for Git.

    Zach Mullen
    Product Owner, Integrations for Enterprise DevOps