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Db2 Tools New Features Summary - Level Set PTF 20.0.06

  • 1.  Db2 Tools New Features Summary - Level Set PTF 20.0.06

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Nov 30, 2022 02:51 PM
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    Level Set PTF 20.0.06 (LU08311) for the Database Management Solutions for Db2 for z/OS is now available. No features require activation of this Level Set.

    Db2 DevOps Capabilities Extended

    A new version of the DBM for Db2 Plug-in for Zowe CLI (1.23.7) is now available. This updated version supports Zowe CLI v2 and the latest Node.js/npm LTS versions and was awarded a Zowe Conformance Program badge for Zowe CLI v1 and v2.

    As part of the Zowe CLI v2 certification process, the updated DBM for Db2 Plug-in for Zowe CLI leverages the team configuration concept, which allows database administrators to prepare a common set of parameters that can be shared with the team. After this configuration is imported by the developer, personal details like user and password are requested through a prompt, saved into a secure credentials store, and reused in future requests.

    Support for base profiles is also included. Base profiles let you store common data like host, user, and password with service profiles that contain service-specific data like port and protocol.

    The plug-in is available for download from the public NPM registry.

    Cost-Effective Solution to Mainframe Data Storage

    CA 1™ Flexible Storage™ from Broadcom is a modern storage management solution that provides secure and cost-effective mainframe data storage options for hybrid cloud environments. This software-only solution requires no additional infrastructure, saves on costs, and maintains confidence in data security. IT storage professionals can now expand their storage strategies to include cloud options that reduce storage costs to a fraction of traditional on-premise storage.

    Using Quick Copy for Db2 for z/OS, mainframe shops can push Db2 backups to the cloud option, unlocking cost savings, often with relatively small effort.

    Read more about CA 1 Flexible Storage and Quick Copy from the following links:

    To discuss this topic further, contact Philippe.Dubost@Broadcom.com.

    New Buffer Pool Reporting in Mainframe Resource Intelligence

    The new Buffer Pools report is now available within the Db2 for z/OS Report in Mainframe Resource Intelligence (MRI). This new report displays information that is available in the Db2 system catalog concerning the size of the buffer pools and their related objects on monitor Db2 subsystems. This information helps database administrators and storage administrators determine resource balancing or resource allocation problems. You can also use this information to review the most heavily used buffer pools and consider how to optimize their use.

    For more information, see Db2 for z/OS Report in the MRI documentation. Db2 for z/OS Report Toolkit component version 03.02.00 is required.


    Features Applied with Level Set PTF 20.0.06

    The following features are delivered by applying Level Set PTF 20.0.06 (LU08311):

    • Product Parmlib Editor Behavior Enhancements

    When creating or editing product-specific parmlib members, the product parmlib editors have been enhanced to behave consistently between the post-install tailoring panels and the Edit Parmlib Members option on the Database Management Solutions for Db2 Main Menu. From both options, you can now edit the product parmlib members with a data set concatenation, extending the existing single data set support.

    • Support for PBR2 Objects in MERGECOPY

    The MERGECOPY component of Merge/Modify has been enhanced to support PBR2 objects.

    • Support for Longest Waiting Lock and Latch

    SYSVIEW for Db2 has added support for a new IFCID 3 section, QLLL - Longest Lock/Latch Waiter. These new fields help you monitor the longest lock and latch waiters whose performance can degrade based on the level of contention for those latches. Monitoring locking and latching helps you to ensure data integrity, consistency, and serialization of resources.

    • New JSON Output Impact Analysis Report

    A new JSON structured impact analysis report is now available in RC/Compare. When comparing objects, this report displays the DDL operations to be performed on the Db2 objects in the target environment in a JSON structured format. You can use this report to visually or programmatically determine whether you need to take any required precautionary actions before the DDL is executed.

    • Partial Update Reconstruction (PUR) Optimization

    Partial Update Reconstruction (PUR) in Log Analyzer can now select a different data source (before or after the update) for each tablespace or tablespace partition in the log range. This feature can reduce the amount of data that is read from the Db2 log records and result in a lower elapsed reporting time.

    • CREATE TABLE Statements Generated for Accelerator Only Tables

    RC/Query was enhanced to generate CREATE TABLE statements for accelerator tables, accelerator only tables (AOTs), and accelerator clauses in routines. With this enhancement, you can now use the DDL and HDDL commands to generate this object DDL implicitly without manual editing.

    • Global Parmlib Member Processing Simplification

    New create and template line commands are now available to make it easier to create global parmlib members during post-installation customization of the Database Management Solutions for Db2. Previously, you had to insert and then select a member to create it. Navigation from the post-install tailoring panels is easier with this enhancement. The create line command is useful to automatically populate new members with values. The template line command is useful when you must clone settings on multiple Db2 subsystems.

    • LUWID Available in URID Header in DML and DDL Report Forms

    You can now add the logical unit of work (LUWID) to the URID header in the DML and DDL report forms in Log Analyzer. The LUWID can help you identify activity on concurrent threads, from a specific CICS terminal, or on a specific DDF thread.

    • Capture Object Getpage Statistics for Triggers

    When Detector and Subsystem Analyzer collections are synchronized, they can now capture (display, report, and unload) the table and index getpage statistics for triggers. The ability to track these statistics gives you a more accurate view of what is happening in your systems, which can help with performance tuning and troubleshooting.


    When SET CURRENT RULES is set to STD (rules of the SQL standard) or DB2 (Db2 rules), LOB and auxiliary objects are now created implicitly for migrated tables in RC/Migrator. With this enhancement, migration strategies now preserve your CURRENT RULES settings.

    • DFSORT Block Exits Support

    Fast Load was enhanced to support the use of block level exits for DFSORT. The use of block level exits can decrease the elapsed time for sorts.

    • Client Certificate Support

    The DBM Data Service (REST API) component was enhanced to support client certificates through integration with the Zowe API Mediation Layer. Client certificates make it easier for database administrators to query and visualize data in Grafana dashboards.

    Security is improved by using the new authentication endpoints (auth/login and auth/query) for user authentication and validation in the REST API requests and Mainframe Team Center - Database Management for Db2 user interface.

    For more information about these features, see New Features in the Release Notes in the Database Management Solutions for Db2 for z/OS documentation or the product-specific documentation.

    New Day 1 Task Checklists

    The Day 1 Task Checklist summarizes the key tasks to complete after the product is up and running. This checklist applies to any new user. However, even experienced users can benefit from reviewing this content. The checklist includes a brief description of the tasks, with links to appropriate content. The checklist also identifies the roles that are typically required to complete the task.

    The following product documentation now provides a Day 1 Task Checklist:

    • Database Analyzer
    • Detector
    • Fast Recover
    • Log Analyzer
    • Merge/Modify
    • Plan Analyzer
    • Quick Copy
    • RC/Query
    • Recovery Analyzer
    • Subsystem Analyzer
    • SQL-Ease
    • SYSVIEW for Db2

    Db2 Tools 20.0 Validation Project - What's cooking in the lab?

    Join the Db2 Tools 20.0 Validation Project, where the Broadcom labs for Db2 reveal upcoming features and seek feedback. See what we are developing, as we develop it. Validation meetings are your best opportunity to influence the development of the Database Management Solutions for Db2 for z/OS.
    Register today at https://validate.broadcom.com/key/db2tools200.s that are typically required to complete the task.

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