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Db2 Tools New Features Summary - Day 1 Support for Db2 13 (Level Set PTF 20.0.04)

  • 1.  Db2 Tools New Features Summary - Day 1 Support for Db2 13 (Level Set PTF 20.0.04)

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted May 31, 2022 03:54 PM
    Edited by Cynthia Hamm May 31, 2022 04:08 PM
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    Level Set PTF 20.0.04 (LU05995) for the Database Management Solutions for Db2 for z/OS is now available. This Level Set PTF provides Day 1 Support for Db2 13 for z/OS function levels V13R1M100, V13R1M500, and V13R1M501, new DevOps REST APIs, a new DBM for Db2 Plug-in for Zowe CLI, and the other features listed below. This Level Set PTF has no activation requirements.

    Feature and Other Highlights

    Db2 13 Support. Upgrading to a new version of Db2 can be quite complex. To help you determine whether you are ready to upgrade to Db2 13, a new Db2 13 Readiness report has been added to the Db2 Report that is available in Mainframe Resource Intelligence (MRI). This report includes recommendations from IBM and Broadcom Db2 subject matter experts. For more information, see Are you ready for Db2 13? by Chris Crone, Distinguished Engineer. The MRI Db2 Report is available free of charge. To request an MRI trial run, go to https://broadcom.com/trymri and fill in your name, email, and job title. Then, check the Db2 Report for z/OS box.

    DevOps for Db2 Support: New DevOps REST API requests are now available. With the DevOps REST API, you can use modern development tools to automate Db2 schema provisioning and integrate with Zowe CLI using the new DBM for Db2 Plug-in. Using this plug-in, you can: 

    • Generate DDL for a single Db2 object or multiple Db2 objects.
    • Verify the generated DDL syntax.
    • Compare DDL to a target subsystem and make changes.
    • Migrate and deploy Db2 object changes from one Db2 subsystem to another.
    • Integrate the plug-in into CI/CD DevOps workflows.

    We invite you to attend an interactive, hands-on Db2 DevOps workshop that demonstrates the tools that you need to perform Db2 application schema provisioning and test data provisioning using the Database Management Solutions for Db2 from the Zowe CLI interface.

    To attend a workshop and learn more about our approach to DevOps and existing capabilities, go to https://mainframe.broadcom.com/devops/db2-devops-dba.

    More Features

    In addition to Db2 13 and DevOps support, the following features are also included in Level Set PTF 20.0.04:

    • ALTER TABLESPACE MOVE TABLE support. RC/Migrator, RC/Compare, and RC/Update now provide support for the Db2 12 M508 (V12R1M508) ALTER TABLESPACE MOVE TABLE option. This option lets you move deprecated multi-table tablespaces to partition-by-growth universal tablespaces easily. You can easily relocate tables from one tablespace to another by automating previously manual steps. You can accomplish your relocations in less time, with more predictable results.
    • Log Analyzer has added support for the following ALTER TABLE options for all DDL Activity Report output format options: ADD CONSTRAINT, DATA CAPTURE CHANGES, DATA CAPTURE NONE, DROP CONSTRAINT, NOT VOLATILE, VOLATILE. You can now create a DDL Activity Report or generate Redo/Undo DDL statements for more types of table changes.
    • RC/Query has been enhanced to allow you to enter ALTER, CREATE, DROP, DROPALL, and TEMPLATE commands from generated routine reports. The new DROPALL command lets you drop all versions of a versioned routine. The Routine List report has also been enhanced to display the most relevant columns at the beginning of the report.
    • SYSVIEW for Db2 enhancements:
      • Support for Db2 13 Fields for SQL Data Insights Functions. To help monitor the performance of SQL Data Insights functions, new fields have been added to (003) ACCT, (148) THREAD-STATS, and (369) CONNECTION-STATS trace records.
      • Support for Export and Import Exception Definitions in JSON Format in Batch. The JSON format provides exception definitions in human readable and editable format that lets you make expedient changes to the individual exception definition parameters. The batch user interface lets you export, edit, check, and import exception definitions.
      • Support for stealable page counts in the EDM statement cache pool. To help monitor the dynamic statement cache, stealable page counts in the EDM statement cache pool (QISEDYLRU) have been added to the (1002) CURR-STATS2 and (1047) IDB2STAT trace records.
      • Support for Connection Type Stability. A new system parameter CONN-TYPE defines the CONN-GROUP field as static or dynamic for DDF and CICS connections during stored procedure execution. The new parameter ensures consistent results when using the CONN-GROUP in an IQL WHERE clause.
      • Support for secondary roles in IFCID 269. New fields in the (269) TRUSTED-CONTEXT record let you monitor secondary roles when you define an EXTERNAL SECURITY PROFILE to switch users in a trusted connection.

    For more information about these enhancements, see New Features in the Release Notes.

    What's cooking in the lab?

    Join the Db2 Tools 20.0 Validation Project, where the Broadcom labs reveal upcoming features and seek feedback. See what we are developing, as we develop it. Validation meetings are your best opportunity to influence the development of the Database Management Solutions for Db2 for z/OS products. Register today at https://validate.broadcom.com/key/db2tools200