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  • Welcome to the Jobtrac Community

    Welcome to the Broadcom Mainframe Software Communities! If you're here, you already know the benefits of learning, connecting and sharing knowledge and experience with other users as well as our own product experts. 

    As always, if you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out to me directly: 

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  • Hi. We have started using system symbols in our batch JCL to substitute the version of a product. Example: SYS1.PARMLIB(IEASYMPP) SYSDEF SYMDEF(&YDB2DB2C='V12M1') JCL when Job runs. XXSTEPLIB DD DSN=RUN.DB2.&YDB2DB2C..DB2C.SDSNEXIT,DISP=SHR IEFC653I ...

  • Hello Patrick, You can use the JCLTRAC command while editing your JCL under CA Jobtrac to verify the JCL syntax and also resolve the variables. You can find more information about JCLTRAC in the CA Jobtrac Extended Scheduling Services guide. Another ...