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  • Hi Konstaninos, thank you for sharing your observations. We are working on a PTF at the moment that we are testing internally before we can package it for customer review. Once this is ready, which should be soon, we will contact with the steps required ...

  • Hi Kostantinos, Thank you. Indeed this feature is on our roadmap. This exists in MOI Today as Exclusion Days. We want to evolved it to target specific resource area versus across the whole MF.

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    Operators/End Users, Systems Programmers, and Cloud Engineers can find the training that's right for their role by reviewing the recommended web-based training courses displayed below. You can visit the Learning Path to access detailed descriptions ...

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    March 4, 2024 To: Broadcom Mainframe Software Customers From: Broadcom's Mainframe Solutions Team Subject: General Availability Announcement for WatchTower Platform™ Suite 1.0 On behalf of Broadcom, we appreciate ...