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Tuesday Tip: z/VSE Hardwait after LIOCS or other I/O errors 

Mar 12, 2015 02:10 PM

A bug exists in the IBM z/VSE Supervisor which can lead to a HARDWAIT FFF occurring after an I/O error occurs.  This HARDWAIT FFF is the result of a program check in the SGLOCK routine of the z/VSE Supervisor.


When running file transfers using CA XCOM for z/VSE, the error can be triggered by a LIOCS error such as "NO FORMAT 1 LABEL FOUND".  Specifying BLKSIZE parameters that are incompatible with the VTOC entry for a      

dataset can also trigger the HARDWAIT FFF.                              


This problem exists in multiple versions of z/VSE (including 5.1 and 5.2) in addition to versions of z/VSE which are no longer supported by IBM.  


IBM APAR DY47595 (or its equivalent) must be applied to the z/VSE operating system.  Note that this APAR was reported and fixed for z/VSE 5.2.  Obtaining a suitable version for other levels of z/VSE may require opening a PMR with


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