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Partner Portal - eStore Renewals (Applicable to Distributors Only) 

Jan 15, 2020 04:05 AM

  1. How will renewals due, after November 4th, be handled?
    Response: Renewals have set expiration dates. Any renewal that is not processed by its expiration date will be surcharged at 200% and support will be interrupted until such time as the renewal is paid. Please work with the appropriate salesperson to get a new quote processed at the uplifted amount. Approved renewals will be available in eStore for Distributor to book orders. Distributor to review the order and enter respective PO.

  2. How will lapsed or expired renewals be handled after November 4th?
    Response: Expired renewals are subject to a 200% surcharge and support interruption. Please work with the appropriate salesperson to get a new quote processed at the uplifted amount. There are no grace periods if renewals are not ordered on time.

  3. How will I place a new or renewal order post-Symantec acquisition?
    Response: eStore is widely available for renewal order placement however renewals are being reviewed at the Core and Digital account level for accuracy so this may delay eStore visibility until this review has been completed. New orders will require a quote from Broadcom sales or Sales Resource Center (SRC) team.

  4. For support expired / expiring the week of Nov 4 - will a grace period without fees be provided & if so, how long is this period?
    Response: Yes, there will be a grace period on all entitlements until the end of November to allow for processing delays.

  5. Will there be late fees added for the orders not booked on time now due to the migration and system changes?
    Response: Fees will be waived until November 30th.

  6. Do you provide 30 days terms for free of charge for annual term of orders? (Currently Symantec provides 30 days support for free of charge)
    Response: No, there is not a period of free support.

  7. Will the renewal opportunities be uploaded just like in Symorder or will we need to use the Google form to create every single order?
    Response: Renewals are being loaded upon review from the Sales team for the top 10,000 accounts in priority order based on renewal expiration date based on segment. Commercial (SMB) renewals will be loaded once this process is completed. The segments are broken into 1) Core (top 1250 customers) 2) Digital (1251-10,000) and 3) Commercial (10,001 +).

  8. How do we know what segment my account falls into (core/digital etc.)?
    Response: Core and digital are accounts with large combined CA, Broadcom & Symantec footprints. If you are not sure, please submit a Google Form request and the SRC will contact connect you with the appropriate Core or Digital sales rep.

  9. Has the SymOrder Portal already been discontinued? We had an integration to fetch renewal quotes automatically from the SymOrder portal. Is there a more robust service (as a Broadcom API) in the new structure that would allow us to proactively fetch all the renewal quotes?
    Response: SymOrder has been discontinued and replaced with eStore. Renewal quotes will appear in eStore when available. There is no API for fetching renewal quotes.

  10. Do we also have a personal contact person for Renewals who we can contact?
    Response: The SRC will identify a person.

  11. What will be loaded into the eStore production environment?
    Response: Renewals that were not processed prior to the acquisition will be loaded into the eStore in priority order. Pending quotes will need to be re-entered. Broadcom will honor quotes as long as they meet Broadcom guidelines.

  12. Is there a way to get the renewals quotes automatically via FTP, API interface, proactive email or any other way?
    Response: Renewal quotes will be obtained within eStore.

  13. If I need a renewal offer that is not currently in eStore, where can I request it?
    Response: You will request all new quotes via the eStore support Google form. All orders require a quote in eStore to book.

  14. What is the expected turnaround time for new quote requests to be loaded?
    Response: All renewals will be loaded into eStore based on expiration data and prioritized by segment. If a renewal quote is missing or you need assistance you should fill out an eStore support request using the Google form. As all requests are expected to be different, we don't have a standard SLA on turnaround times.

  15. Has the Renewal Chat tool been retired?
    Response: Yes

  16. Can we amend renewal quotes?
    Response: You would need to send a request via the Google form for renewal quote support.

  17. How do we request renewal quotes, is the EMEA Renewals alias still active?
    Response: The EMEA Renewals alias is no longer active. Renewal quotes will be loaded automatically based on priority. Core/digital teams will review and approve and then push to eStore. Commercial renewals will be loaded automatically in a batch load once the Core/Digital renewals have been completed. If you don’t see the renewal you are looking for, please submit a Google form request, or talk to the sales rep. Partner service team will also be able to support.

  18. How about the expired deals? Can we still load the order? Is it already in the estore? Or do we need to request it first?
    Response: Expired renewals will need to be re-entered depending on timing. Recently expired renewals may appear but those expired for more than a month will need to be re-entered after they are reviewed.

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