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Tips: Endevor Native Security feature is obsolete from Endevor 18.0 

01-25-2016 07:38 AM

The native security feature is no more available From Endevor 18.0.



The External Security Interface (ESI) is required to enable functional security.


ESI secures CA Endevor SCM access and action functions through the IBM System Authorization Facility (SAF), using the site security package on your system.


Note: The RSCETBL and USERTBL parameters, previously used for Native Security, have been removed from the C1DEFLTS definition.

If you assemble the C1DEFLTS table with these parameters coded the table will be built successfully, but message ‘ASMA017W Undefined keyword parameter ‘ is issued and the return code from the assembler will be 04.

The ACCSTBL is still a valid parameter for functional security. It defaults to a value of BC1TNEQU.


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