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Repository Tip: Backing up the CA Repository for z/OS 

Mar 17, 2015 02:10 PM

The CA Repository for z/OS environment contains two distinct sets of DB2 tables:


Control tables that store information about repository products


■ Repository tables that store and retrieve entity attributes


What Components Must Be Backed Up?


The following components must be backed up on a regular basis:


■ CA Repository for z/OS DB2 Tables

■ CA Repository for z/OS DB2 History Tables

■ CA Repository for z/OS Repository data sets

Back up ALL of your repository tables regularly and at the same time using a DB2 tool such as the CA DB2 utilities.

If you back up and restore only some of the tables, it will leave them "out of sync" as there is a row in the DBX_XREF table for every row in all other repository tables.

Note: As a general rule-if a table contains the column ENT_ID, it must be backed up when the DBX_XREF table is backed up.


Tune the Database


The repository is a DB2 application and therefore tuning techniques of any DB2 application apply to the repository.

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