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CA Tuesday Tip: CA Spool EAV Support 

Aug 04, 2014 08:01 AM

  • With CA Spool r11.7 the checkpoint and spool datasets support EAS and may be allocated on extended address volumes (EAV).

          The Checkpoint and SPOOLDS files can be allocated on a 3390-A device with EATTR=OPT.

          Also BUFSIZE=27998 is recommended in the ESFPARM.


  • With the CA Spool C Transformers, the A2PCFCOR file must be allocated with EATTR=NO if it resides on a EAV volume.      


  • The CA Spool Java Transformers support the EAS datasets with the following requirements:
    1. The STDENV file with the Java FSS must be customized to have the JAVA_HOME variable point to Java Edition V7 Release 0 or higher.
    2. The *.d2esys file in the xenos/config directory must include the following statements:                     



    <zosIoOptions ioLibrary="JZOS"/>


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