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Repository Tip - Deleting objects by status 

Mar 10, 2015 03:10 PM

The CA Repository for z/OS provides a utility, PRMSTAT, that reports on, and optionally deletes, all data within a specified status.


The PRMSTAT utility:

  • Does not delete the status from the control tables
  • Does not delete any data from the workstation table (DBX_WORKSTATION_D)
  • Deletes only from objects that are associated with a dialog or Product map
  • Calls the IO module to retrieve and delete objects from the repository, therefore all referential integrity is preserved


When PRMSTAT is run in Report mode, the report does not list all relationships that are deleted. PRMSTAT does not report on objects that are deleted by the IO module to maintain referential integrity. PRMSTAT processes objects that are of the type entity first. When a repository instance is deleted, all relationships and associations to that instance are automatically deleted by the IO module.

  • Example: The Object Table (Entity) is related to Object Element (Entity) through Object Column (Relationship).
  • When an instance of Table is deleted, all columns for that table are automatically deleted by the IO module.


PRMSTAT can run in either of the following modes:

  • Report mode

When running in report mode, the utility reports on objects to be deleted.

  • Commit mode

When running in commit mode, PRMSTAT reports and deletes data in the specified status. Commits can be performed after each object type is processed or once at the end of the job.

It is not necessary to be in the repository to execute this command.

To access PRMSTAT

1. Execute TSO ARZUTIL from the command line.

2. From the Utility panel, select Delete objects by status.


Enter values into the fields as follows:

Parameter                    Description

------------------              --------------------------------------------------------------------

Debug mode                  Y-Yes run in Debug mode N-No Do not run in Debug mode

Commit mode                R-Run in Report mode

                                    C-Commit once at the end of the entire process

                                    P-Commit after processing each entity type

Status                            The name of the status that contains the objects to be deleted.




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