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Tuesday Tip: Definition for program @I$ABOVE 

May 28, 2015 04:28 PM

CA Tuesday Tip from Julia Giancola, Senior Support Engineer

Definition for program @I$ABOVE


Sites that are using the CA Ideal Web Interface and need a buffer area that exceeds 32,000 bytes of parameter area, will need to define the @I$ABOVE program.  @I$ABOVE can be found in the CA Ideal CAILLOAD library but the definition can be found in the CA Ideal Programming Guide under @I$ABOVE - Build HTTP response >32KB.


Parameter Definition:


Level        Field Name  T  I  Ch/Dg  Occur    U    Comments/Dep on/Copy

-------      -----------------  -  - --------  ---------    -    ---------------------------------

1          COMMAND    X            3                   I     : INI or ADD

1          LENGTH        N B         9                  U    : with INI call

1          STRING         V     32000                  I     : with ADD

1          RETURN        N B        4                   U



  INI command starts the interface by allocating the area.

  ADD command appends the value of STRING to the area.



  For an INI call, provides the length of return area to acquire.

  This cannot be changed later. The maximum value that can be

  requested is (16MB-1GB).



  On an ADD call, provides the string to append to the result area.



  The following codes can be returned:

  ■ 0-All OK

  ■ 8-For ADD, the string would not fit in the remaining area

  ■ 16-Error in acquiring or updating the area


Note: Since the application holds the original 32k COMMAREA (in DSA) plus the newly acquired area (in EDSA) until the encode converter decides which is to be returned, storage constraints in DSA are not reduced.

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