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Workload Automation CA 7 list of "HOT" KD's 

Jan 07, 2019 02:29 PM

Here is a short list of knowledge docs for Workload Automation CA 7 that are often referenced:


KB000028221 - Using CA 7 Virtual Resource Management (VRM)

KB000024108 - Procedure for setting up EXTERNAL DATASET TRACKING/TRIGGERING with CA 7 Workload Automation.

KB000025890 - What if jobs are hanging in the Ready queue? Tips on trouble-shooting if CA 7 not tracking.

KB000022451 - Using program SASSXTRK to extract records from the CA 7 log data

KB000038305 - How to dynamically add a CA 7 instance with CAIRIM without performing a GLOBAL DELETE + GLOBAL INIT

KB000039820 - How do I find the logical database names that are in the CA 7 r12 DBID=770?

KB000049062 - Why a job with a JCL ERROR remains in the RDY Queue.

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