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Tech Tip: CA Datacom Core Products Version 15.1 Additional Enhancements provided via PTF RO92259/MESSAGE_DETAIL_G 

Nov 08, 2016 04:11 AM

Tech Tip from Karina Pulinx, Principal Support Engineer for  November 8, 2016.


This is another in the series of tips for CA Datacom Core Products Version 15.1 enhancement PTF RO92259.

RO92259 delivers 10 new features.


One of these new features is MUF console-like command MESSAGE_DETAIL_G .

This command is intended for testing or validating use of sequential processing. It generates one message for every URT close that did sequential processing.It is not intended to normally execute in production.

If the MESSAGE_DETAIL_G YES is set, every GETIT/GETPS (DBUTLTY internally used equivalent) process in MUF that ends will print the following message of its details


DB00148I - MESSAGE_DETAIL_G job-name run-unit job-ID database-ID table-name SBab GB-n1 ROW-n2 IO-n3 command


The message contains the job name, run unit, job ID, and DBID. The following information is also provided:


.  table name or one of the tables in the area if you are using GETPS

. SB is the number of sequential buffers followed by a dash (-) or a plus (+) if you are using DATAPOOL buffers

. GB- value provides the blocked GETIT (URT option GETBLK) except blocked is not used for DBUTLTY)

. ROW-n provides the row count that is read except for DBUTLTY driven MULTUSE-YES commands that it may instead contain BLK-n for a block count

. I/O-n is the I/O count. However, I/O counts vary if the needed block happens to be in MUF memory for other tasks

. command is the command that is used such as GETIT and GETPS but for DBUTLTY functions the function is provided. For example, BACKUP or EXTRACT. It is followed by a -M to indicate that it is being done with MULTUSE=YES and then either an N for SEQ=NATIVE.


This option is console-like and can be turned on and off at any time.




DB00148I - MESSAGE_DETAIL_G DBDVLSEQ 94446 JOB02879 697 C01 SB+8 GB-22222 ROW-50,000 IO-570 GETIT

DB00148I - MESSAGE_DETAIL_G DBDVLSEQ 94447 JOB02879 697 C01 SB-8 GB-22222 ROW-50,000 IO-578 GETIT

DB00148I - MESSAGE_DETAIL_G DBDVLSEQ 94448 JOB02879 697 C01 SB+8 GB-22222 ROW-50,000 IO-384 GETPS

DB00148I - MESSAGE_DETAIL_G DBDVLSEQ 94449 JOB02879 697 C01 SB-8 GB-22222 ROW-50,000 IO-392 GETPS

DB00148I - MESSAGE_DETAIL_G DBDVLSEQ 4671 JOB06344 697 VRB SB+128 BLK-1,535 IO-34 BACKUP-M-P

DB00148I - MESSAGE_DETAIL_G DBDVLSEQ 4674 JOB06344 697 C01 SB+128 ROW-60,000 IO-382 BACKUP-M-N

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