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CA VM:Secure 3.2 Enhancement to USERPASS and TERMPASS Exits 

Feb 10, 2017 10:00 AM

PTF RO94162 is an enhancement to CA VM:Secure 3.2 that makes the TERMPASS and USERPASS exits much easier to manage. These exits allow a site to customize the action taken when the invalid password limit is exceeded. One of the actions indicated by return code 8 is to clear the journal counts and add a rule to prevent further password guessing. 

This enhancement implements a new exit return code 12 that indicates the exit has stacked a rule EXPIRE option. A sample program (EXPIRE XEXEC), supplied with the PTF, can be used to stack the EXPIRE option with a date and time of expiration calculated from a specified number minutes. When this is done the journal counts are cleared and the resulting rule is effective only until the specified date and time.

See the TERMPASS and USERPASS Exit documentation in the CA VM:Secure Wiki for further information.

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