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Quick Edit Processor Group Selection list automation 

Aug 04, 2015 10:14 AM

The Processor Group Selection List IDEATION is is geared toward an Endevor-wide solution for when users are ADDING or CREATING an element.  Except for the default processor group, there is no automated method for users to select a processor group during this ADD/CREATE.

The contents of the QEPROGRO ZIP file contains a user solution for Quick Edit CREATE that is Panel driven so that if the CREATE command is issued and the processor group input field is blank, the processor group field is primed with an asterick to drive the processor group selection panel.


The included "Processor Group FDP Instructions,txt" describes the process for implementing the FDP.

The included "ENDIE110,txt" element is a panel that contains statements to drive the selection list of processor groups.  It should be defined in your ISPPLIB concatenation.

The included "ISPPLIB Allocation for user panel.txt" file contains syntax required to enable the allocation of the ENDIE110 panel installed into your user library.

The included "Installation Instructions for XMIT file.doc" describes the process for unloading the XMIT file.

The included "StuartFDP.xmit" file contains the elements.

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