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TECH TIP: Did you know that segment types easily can be removed from an IMS database using CA Database Organizer? 

Feb 13, 2017 05:24 AM

How can segment types be removed from IMS databases using CA Database Organizer?


These steps can be used to easily delete one or more segment types from an IMS database:


-  Run DBO Unload for the database using option DROPSEGMENT=(segname-1,...,segname-n)

              =>  all segment types being used in option DROPSEGMENT will not be written to the unload dataset


-  Change the DBD removing all segment types which are not needed anymore and re-gen DBD, PSB and ACB modules


-  Run DBO Reload using the new DBD and option DBDCHANGE=YES

              =>  DBO Reload checks the unload file header record and recognizes that one or more segments types are

                     missing on the new DBD; using option DBDCHANGE=YES allows DBO Reload to continue loading the data

                     to the changed database

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