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TechTip:CA Datacom - what can a zIIP do for me ? 

May 24, 2016 06:51 AM

CA Tech Tip from Karina Pulinx, Principal Support Engineer , for May 24,2016 .


Lately we have had several z/OS CA Datacom customers , mostly  CA Datacom/AD customers , who were looking into buying  a ZIIP processor and wanted to know if they could find out now how much work could run on a ZIIP . 

I referred them to technical document

TEC1811962 : How to implement zIIP for CA Datacom. 


You  find a PDF in that Techdoc with a number of FAQs . 

As mentioned  you need to start the MUF in  SRB mode . Estimated system statistics are then captured in  Dynamic System Table  SYSADM.MUF_SRB_ZIIP .

That table (as mentioned in the CA Datacom/DB System Tables Reference Guide ) has following columns :



If the ZIIP Multi-User startup option was specified for this
SMP subtask, this is the total CPU seconds spent on a standard (non-zIIP)
processor that would have run on a zIIP processor but a zIIP processor was not
available. If the ZIIP Multi-User startup option was not specified, this column is 0 .



The total time in seconds for which this SMP subtask was
qualified to run on a zIIP processor.


Refer to the CA Datacom 14.0 Database and System Administration Guide which has a discussion on this benefit analysis.

High I/O applications will have less zIIP-enabled work since SRBs cannot do I/Os. Application systems with high buffer re-use or high Memory Resident Data
Facility (MRDF) usage will have more zIIP-enabled work.

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