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Tuesday Tip:  The PE against fix RO63582 has been resolved by RO66668.  This is a list of the problems that RO66668 will resolve. 

Sep 18, 2014 10:21 AM

  1. When TMSAPEC detects DSNBs that are orphaned from the free chain, it sends them back to the free chain individually using the CA 1 DELETE process. It is possible that there could be a massive amount of DSNBs that fall under this situation. A large amount of updates could possibly fill up the audit dataset and cause TMSAPEC to receive a U0008 abend, which could then result in additional pointer errors.  This PTF will cause TMSAPEC to stop sending DSNBs back to the free chain if more than 250 have already been sent back. The error report will continue until the scan is complete. A message will be sent to the job log indicating that the automatic updates have been discontinued.                  
  2. If a volume is in scratch or delete status, but still points to DSNB records, and active DSNBs are in fact pointing to this volume, TMSAPEC will report and correct an ERR37 error and update (DELETE) the DSNBs but will not update the volume record to clear the pointers to these DSNBs. This PTF will cause TMSAPEC to automatically update any volume in scratch or delete status to clear any residual values left in the NUMDSNB, 1STDSNB and LSTDSNB fields.     
  3. TMSAPEC reads the DSNB free chain up to three times during a TMC scan, resulting in longer run times. With this PTF, TMSAPEC has been changed to read the DSNB free chain only once. This PTF also corrects erroneous 3YY abends during secondary scans.                  
  4. TMSAPEC did not stop TMSCLEAN from running while the DSNB free chain was being processed. This could cause ERR24 to be reported for free DSNBs that are not in error and if run in update mode could corrupt the DSNB free chain itself.                                  
  5. If the Scan runs past the ETIME value, TMSAPEC issues "SCANNING STOPPED BEFORE END OF TMC". This can result in invalid ERR55 messages being issued.             

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