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Maximum Blocks value for the AUDIT File in CA Top Secret  Security for z/OS - MVS r15.0. 

Sep 13, 2015 07:58 PM



1.)  Is there a maximum number of blocks for the 'BLOCKS=' statement for TSSMAINT for the AUDIT files?


2.)  Is a 'large-format' Audit File supported? 





The Audit Tracking File can be as large as one volume.  It cannot span over multiple volumes.  The amount of bytes that a DASD device can hold varies.  The formula to determine the maximum blocks that can be specified would be:


BLOCKS = (max capacity of bytes your DASD can hold) / BLOCKSIZE


Note:  'max capacity of bytes your 3390 can hold' - Please refer to DASD manuals for its capacity.

          BLOCKSIZE - This value is specified when you run TSSMAINT.  The value must be between 512 and 32,512 and be a multiple of 256.  For device type 3390, the blocksize cannot exceed 27,468.


But, is there a limit on the 'BLOCK= value', even though there is no limit implied in the Installation Manual?


The reason for highlighting this is when using QuickRef and ISPF Option 3.4, to show the Audit Tracking File utilisation, the QuickRef display showed a 33-34% utilization factor. But ISPF Option 3.4 showed a 100% utilization.  Apparently there may be a bug in QuickRef when calculating space utilisation for a large dataset, rather than TSSMAINT not formatting the entire space.

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