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Jan 15, 2020 03:56 AM

  1. In eStore, is it possible to place a partial order in one quote? Or when we would like to place an order partially, should we request a quote for each item? (Applicable to Distributors Only)
    Response: The quote is for the full value, if you need a partial quote you would need to submit a Google form request.

  2. Will there be any changes to the Cloud Marketplace?
    Response: The Cloud Marketplace will be maintained with no changes and should continue business as usual.

  3. Will the Cloud Marketplace invoicing be handled by Broadcom?
    Response: Yes, the invoicing model will be handled by Broadcom.
    • You would have received your final consolidated invoice along with your .csv billing file from Symantec on the 1st Nov
    • You will continue to receive the .csv billing file monthly
    • Broadcom will issue quarterly invoicing
    • You are responsible for making payment to Broadcom

  4. Will the existing Cloud Marketplace and API purchasing models change?
    Response: The existing Marketplace and API purchasing model will remain as is at this time.

  5. Will there be any changes to the product offerings and pricing currently enabled in Cloud Marketplace?
    Response: All existing product offerings and pricing currently enabled on your marketplace will continue to be available at this time.

  6. Where will the Blue Coat hardware be shipped from?
    Response: Symantec hardware will be shipping from US and Netherlands.

  7. Will the Westcon BlueSky platform continue to be used for processing cloud transactions in New Zealand and Australia?
    Response: Broadcom will have Symantec run the Global Subscription Platform on their behalf for six months after the close. The team is working on a go-forward strategy to simplify the process after that six-month period.

  8. Could you tell us a standard delivery time of both appliances and licenses?
    Response: Software will be the standard email delivery, but appliances will have to physically ship.

  9. Where can we find Education and Training materials?
    Response: Please use the Partner Portal as a resource. Order placement process for NFRs will be managed via the partner account managers.

  10. Is there any change for a standard discount from previous Symantec to Broadcom?
    Response: Standard discount is unchanged.

  11. Where can we get the up-to-date list price and discount guidelines for different categories? Is it through Broadcom eStore also?
    Response: The price lists are found on the PartnerNet Dashboard.

  12. As SMB SKU is discontinued, is there a standard discount for the existing customer who might use only 1 license from SYMC before?
    Response: No discounting on the SMB/commercial side.

  13. Is eStore going to be available to all countries, will it be available to all the countries where we have the Broadcom contract
    Response: All countries will have access in all countries where there are valid contracts.

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