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CA Tech Tip : CA Datacom SQL on z/OS , COUNT(*) optimization and SQL_COUNT_OPT_OFF  

Feb 09, 2016 06:44 AM

Tech Tip from Karina Pulinx , Principal Support Engineer , for February 9 ,2016 .


With CA Datacom SQL version 14.0 enhancement  PTF RO50843 and version 15.0  we pull the stored row count from the CXX
rather than reading the entire table to count the rows  in a table when running  SELECT COUNT(*) FROM  table .

In some cases where the CXX counts are inaccurate this can cause issues .

We therefore provided  Multi-User Facility (MUF) option
SQL_COUNT_OPT_OFF  (via 14.0 PTF RO78675 and 15.0 PTF  RO78731)   which can be set to YES

until you are done with correcting the  CXX row counts .

CXX row counts can easily be corrected by running DBUTLTY   RETIX DBID=nnnnn,KEYNAME=*SETR  .

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