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Tuesday's Tip:  CA 7 History Reporting 

Jul 08, 2014 11:30 AM

Hello, and Happy Tuesday to all.


Hope you all had a ‘bang-up’ Fourth of July!


This week’s topic is History Reporting using SASSHIS8 in CA 7.  Program SASSHIS8 is designed to give various reports according to the SYSIN used.  If you have never run these reports I strongly suggest that you do so to see the various outputs you can get that can help explain ‘what happened when’ in CA 7.  Reports that can be obtained using SASSHIS8:


Scheduled Jobs Not Run

Transaction Detail

Log Dump


Scheduled Versus Actual Job

Scheduled Versus Actual Station

Job Processing Activity


Master Station Activity


Cross-Platform Activity


Cross-Platform Job Completion Profile

Internal Cross Platform Submission Activity report

Database Update Transaction Detail


Abnormal Termination

Virtual Resource Management Evaluation and Posting Activity

Submit Cycle Summary


Submit Job Detail

Job Non-Submission Analysis

Job Submission Activity


Job Submission Output Activity

Security Exception

Internal Activity Trace


Request Queue Full Recovery Aid

Recovery Aid Commands

Generated Batch Terminal Interface Commands


Recovery Aid Reports

Last Logged Status of Jobs

Generated Batch Terminal Interface Commands

Simulated LQ Display of Jobs


Each of these reports will be discussed in the coming weeks, but next week we will start with the HR50 Recovery Aid Reports.The Recovery Aid Reports is very helpful in the awful event that you must rebuild your current workload (queues).  Next week I plan to go into more detail on this report as I am seeing more and more clients doing their ‘disaster recovery’ exercises—hint:  this can make your DR exercise pick up from any point in time that you have history data. 


Until next Tuesday--

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