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CA Tech Tip : CA Datacom/DB 12.0 for z/VSE - "soft" fallback/fall forward members 

Jun 28, 2016 05:36 AM

CA Tech Tip from Karina Pulinx , Principal Support Engineer , for June 28,2016.


The CA Datacom z/VSE 12.0 base install only delivered SAMPJCL members for one type of  Fallback and Fall Forward.

These are sometimes called "hard" Fallback and  Fall Forward, because a backup of the old version environment  CXX ,DD (DBID 2)  and DDD(DBID 15)  is restored to get back to the prior version . This is done via install job  BEUPG04R  . 


RO90000 provides an alternate Fallback/Fall Forward process that does not resort to restoring a backup of the 11.0 environment.

It is called the  "soft" Fallback/Fall Forward.

In this case, jobs are run to convert certain  structures to their 11.0 format without restoring from a backup.

New SAMPJCL  members for soft Fallback and Fall Forward are now provided in your CA  Datacom INSTALL Library  .  

Those members are  BEFBK01.Z , BEFBK02.Z , BEFBK03.Z , BEFBK04.Z , BEFFW01.Z , BEFFW02.Z , BEFFW03.Z and  BEFFW04.Z .


Make sure to install   RO90732  also  .

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