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Partner Portal - Broadcom Partner Portal, Symantec PartnerNet and eStore Access 

Jan 15, 2020 03:36 AM

  1. When I try to register on the portal, “Symantec Security Software " is not listed as a Product Preference option. When will it be available?
    Response: Please select “CA Technologies” as product preference for now. IT is adding the Symantec option ASAP CA and Symantec are both accessed from the same launch page.

  2. How do I register for eStore? (Applicable to Distributors Only)
    Response: After you have completed the registration process for the Broadcom Partner Portal you can register for eStore. Log in to the Partner Portal and access the Symantec Partner Portal option. From the Symantec Partner Portal page select the eStore option. The eStore option will take you to a login page, select Google Form and complete the necessary information following the steps below:
    • Select New User Request from the drop down
    • Enter the email address of the Partner Account Manager for your Distributor
    • Select “Registered” and that you have access to the Broadcom Partner Portal
    • Select “Next”
    • Note – You must have Broadcom Partner Portal access in order to register for eStore

  3. Will I need a Google account to use the eStore support request Google form? (Applicable to Distributors Only)
    Response: No, you just need to use google chrome

  4. How do I access PartnerNet?
    Response: Symantec partners may access PartnerNet as they normally would. PartnerNet is also accessible via the Broadcom Partner Portal and OKTA. Partners will need to use both PartnerNet and the Broadcom Partner Portal for a period of time post Day 1. Much of the content on the Broadcom Partner Portal will link you back to PartnerNet where you will logon with your existing Symantec credentials.
  5. What changes have been made to PartnerNet?
    Response: The current Symantec PartnerNet will remain in place with limited changes until further notice however some links related to deal registration will no longer be active. eStore access, Symantec Marketing campaigns and Sales Play content are now only accessible via the Broadcom Partner Portal and are no longer on PartnerNet.

  6. How will I access the Broadcom Partner Portal?
    Response: A limited number of Symantec partner users have been provided with a Broadcom Partner Portal login (who needs access to eStore). All other partners will need to self-register for a user account. Please refer to the Broadcom Partner Portal Registration Guide and user guide for how to instructions HERE.

  7. Does the sales team need to have access to eStore? (Applicable to Distributors Only)
    Response: Whoever is requesting quotes would need to have access (whether that is sales or an order processing person)

  8. Who do I contact if I have questions about Partner Portal or eStore access?
    Response: Partners should contact their Partner Account Manager. Partners may also contact Partner Service at or can email Please allow 72-hours for a response during the initial transition.

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