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Obtaining and Installing CA IDMS VDBA 18.1 

Apr 09, 2019 10:27 AM

In this morning's customer call there was a question about how to obtain the installation file from the Support site.  Following are the installation instructions that are included in the user documentation, which will be published shortly.  Thanks, Pam


   To obtain the installation file follow these steps:

  1. Select DOWNLOAD MANAGEMENT and search for and select CA IDMS - Database.
  2. From the Product Downloads tab, search for and select CA IDMS/DB FOR Z/OS Plus MVS 
  3. Select the latest CA IDMS version from the RELEASE drop-down list
  4. Select the ADD TO CART or DOWNLOAD option.


To install VDBA 18.1, follow these steps:

  1. Copy SETUP.EXE and SETUP.ISS to a new folder, for example to C:\VDBA181
  2. Install VDBA v18.1 using the interactive or silent method. 

Interactive Installation

  1. Using File Explorer, navigate to the folder that includes SETUP.EXE and SETUP.ISS.
  2. Double click SETUP.EXE to invoke the installation process.
  3. Answer the prompts to select one of the following installation options:
    1. Typical: Copies all of the product components into the folder you specified during the installation.
    2. Compact: Copies the required program files, help files, and README files into the folder you specified during the installation. 
      However, this method does not copy the SQL installation scripts into the CA IDMS release specific sub-folders, the example file, the user documentation files, or the bookshelf application to the product folder.
    3. Custom: Allows you to select which CA IDMS product components that you want to install. By default, all of the components are selected for installation. You can optionally select or clear components, such as the SQL script files, documentation files, and example files. By default, the required program files, help files, and README files are installed.
  4. Select FINISH.

  5. A dialog appears that provides an option to display a README file, which is enabled by default. The README file automatically displays when the installation completes. If you decide to disable this option and examine the README file later, you can obtain the README file from the root folder that includes the installation files. 

    Note: We highly recommend that you examine the README file before you run VDBA. The file contains valuable information about requirements for using CA IDMS Visual DBA 18.1, and includes reference information.

Silent Installation

The silent installation method does not display prompts and does not provide the option to display the README file immediately after installation. 

To install VDBA 18.1 silently, use the RUN command and enter the following command:

"<path where setup.exe is located>\setup.exe” /s /f1"<path where setup.iss is located>\setup.iss"


The following example displays the command for a silent installation, where the installation files are in the folder C:\VDBA181:

"C:\VDBA181\setup.exe” /s /f1"C:\VDBA181\setup.iss"

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