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Repository Tip - PDF Report Generation Failure in WebStation Option 

Jul 08, 2015 04:22 PM

Clicking the 'Generate PDF' button in WebStation Option for a generated report may fail with the following HTTP Status 500 Exception.


Review of the console log for the application server running WSO shows that the exception is occurring due to a '' in the Temp directory being used by the WebStation Option application.

ex.  Apache Console Log

console dump.PNG

The PDF Generation feature uses this ‘Temp’ directory created inside of the pre-defined WSO directory when producing the reports.

A folder is created in this ‘Temp’ directory with the userid of the person initiating the report and the temporary XML files are created inside of this directory

In the console dump example above the userid is  DVTMETA and the WSO pre-defined directory is C:\Data\WSO7.2\Temp.  

If appropriate access is not present, then the folder/XML files cannot be created and will result in generation failure of the PDF. 



Ensure that the user logged into WebStation Option has read/write access to this 'Temp' directory in order for the PDF Generation facility to successfully generate the PDF.

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