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Demo: Where to find Release and Support Lifecycle Dates for CA Products 

Apr 25, 2017 08:18 PM

To view the latest release and support life cycle dates for CA products, log in to with your enterprise-site ID. From the support home-page, click the "alerts" button. In the pop-up menu, choose the "product life-cycle page." There are hundreds of products listed on this page in alphabetical order. Let’s look at “CA Application Performance Management as an example.


Just click on it, and from here you can see the history of all the releases and life cycle dates related to the product. Click the link to the latest “GA-Date” and from here you can check the product’s implementation currency.


The GA announcements give you information on new product features,  where to download the product, and show you where to go if you need help.


Using the list of upcoming EOS and EOL dates will help you plan for upgrades and migrations. Each of the EOS and EOL announcements give specific dates for when service will no longer be available for this particular product version. If you have questions about any of our release and support life-cycle dates, contact Customer Care in the communities or go to for your local contact number.

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