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IDMS/IPCS Report Write Version 1.4 

Apr 29, 2015 07:32 AM

It's been a productive 6 months (roughly) but after numerous bug fixes and cosmetic upgrades, a new version of the IDMS/IPCS Report Write, otherwise known as IDMSREXX, is available.

This version is thought to be clean of problems, at least based upon the dumps which I know it has been run against.


The Report Write supports SYSMDUMPs and SVCDUMPs generated both by a CV as well as a batch job.

CICS dump processing related to IDMS is under development.


Support in the Report Writer is officially 14.1 but most of the reports can be generated for prior releases as well. (Not much, if any, pre-14.1 code has been removed).


While not rigorously tested with Version 19.0, it is expected to work effectively well against it since it is, right now, more or less a re-packaging of Version 18.5.


As always, if you experience problems with the Report Writer, please let me know. Details on how to contact me are at the top of the REXX.

Also, if you see things that need changing or enhancing, let me know as well.

Finally, if you have ideas for new extracts from a dump that would help in problem determination, let me know.


Feedback is appreciated, but not necessary.




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