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CA GEN Tuesday Tip: COBOL v5.2 certification 

Jun 09, 2015 05:06 PM

Hi, Everyone!


We have had the following questions regarding certifying COBOL v5.2:

     Is CA GEN release 8.5 certified with COBOL version 5.2? 

     If yes, which patches need to be applied?

     If no, what is the estimated time frame that COBOL v5.2 will be certified?


The CA Gen support for COBOL 5 was added in 8.0 (HE) and 8.5 (HE and IT) with the following PTFs:

     For 8.5: RO69161 , RO69163, RO69164, RO74326, RO74327, RO78374

     For 8.0: RO68840, RO68841


We only certify major releases such as COBOL 5, not point releases such as COBOL 5.2. We have no plans to certify COBOL v5.2 with CA GEN release 8.5.

We will definitely fully support and correct any issues when migrating to COBOL v5.2 if any issues occur.


Please check out the "Technical Requirements" link on the CA GEN home page as well as this Knowledge Document: TEC1273827.


Thanks and Best Regards!

  Diana Shaw

  CA Technologies

  Principal Tech Support Engineer


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