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Tuesday Tip: XCOM PLEXQ facts 

May 01, 2015 03:56 PM

Here are some tips if you are looking to take advantage of the XCOM PLEXQ feature:


1. How do I activate the PLEXQ feature with XCOM r11.6 or r12?


    Answer: Modify the value of parameter PLEXQ= in your CONFIG member.


2. How do I know if a XCOM STC is connected to a PLEXQ?


    Answer: You should find message "XCOMM1101I CONNECTED TO PLEXQ GROUP xxxxx AS yyyyyyy" in the xcomlog.


3. How do I know if another XCOM STC on another LPAR has joined the PLEXQ?


    Answer: You should find message "XCOMM1104I sysid / xcomstc CONNECTED TO PLEXQ GROUP xxxx AS( r11.6)yyyy


4. What do I code in my JCL to schedule a transfer to the PLEXQ?


    Answer: You want to code your // PARM card as follows: // PARM=('TYPE=SCHEDULE,STCPLEXQ=xxxx')


5. How can I tell where a transfer was scheduled to when using the PLEXQ?


    Answer: You should find message "XCOMM0300I REQUEST # 001024 PROCESSED SUCCESSFULLY TO PLEXQ: xxxxx / yyyyy", where "yyyyy"

                  is the name of the XCOM STC where the transfer was scheduled to.



For more details on the XCOM PLEXQ feature please refer to the r12.0 CA Data Transport for z/OS Administration guide, Chap 5.

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