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CAS9608I - CAICCI Subsystem is not operational 

Sep 07, 2017 12:37 PM


This document will identify the minimum requirements to allow the CCI subsystem to become operational.



The following steps cover basic installation of CCI services. These steps assume that ENF has already been installed. If necessary, install ENF before preceding with the following steps:


  1. Install the CCI FMID CAW4E10.

  2. Process the CAS9DCM3 DCM module by CAIENF with a DCM(CAS9DCM3) CAIENF parameter in the ENFPARMs file. No database is required but the DCM must be installed.

  3. Update CCIPARMS member in the OPTLIB referenced within the ENF procedure to include, at minimum, the following statement
    SYSID(nnnnnnnn) /* any 1-8 character unique name */

  4. Update the ENF procedure so that the CCIPARM symbolic is uncommented, and the DD statement concatenated along with ENFPARMS DDname has been uncommented.

  5. Start or recycled the ENF address space to allow CCI to initialize. If all has been setup properly, a CAS9626I message indicating the CAICCI Subsystem is Operational will be generated.

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