Mainframe Virtualization Ideas Service Level Agreement (SLA) 

02-07-2016 12:59 PM

The VM product team will meet once a month to review community submitted ideas. The overall review process will be the responsibility of the VM:Manager product manager (PM). It is the PM's responsibility to manage the ideas and update the community on a monthly basis. The PM may delegate individual ideas to other product team members to manage and update.



Idea State



PM will review once a month and move ideas to another state

SLA: Ideas must be removed from the “new” state within 90 days of creation

Under Review

Product team will review once a month and possibly move ideas to another state.

SLA: Ideas can stay in the “under review” state for no more than 90 days. Ideas in this state must be reviewed monthly

Wish Listed

Product team will review once every 90 days to possibly move to another state.

SLA: Ideas can stay “wish listed” indefinitely but must be reviewed at least once every 90 days


Product team will review ideas once every 90 days to put ideas in the product backlog. Ideas in the “planned” state must include a reference to the backlog story.


SLA: Ideas in the “planned” state:

  • Must reference the backlog story
  • That have been delivered must be moved to the “delivered” state within 30 days of the product GA

Not Planned

Ideas in the “not planned” state will not be considered nor reviewed once they are placed in the “not planned” state


Once a release including an idea in the “planned” state is “delivered it will be placed in the “delivered” state

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