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IP Express Setup member $RMEXPR6--better MAXDUR remarks on 11.7 

07-30-2015 03:58 PM

The IP Express Setup control member hlq.CC2DEXEC($RMEXPR6) contains  a list of arguments, including MAXDUR.




For NetMaster r12 and r12.1, remarks for this argument are somewhat condensed:


A MAXDUR       2 Maximum duration of IP node generation.                   00840000


-                               Default is 2 minutes.                                                          00850000


-                               Range is 1 to 720    (ie 1min to 12hrs)                              00860000


But on NetMaster r11.7, remarks for the MAXDUR argument were more descriptive:

MAXDUR     15 Maximum duration of IP node generation   per              01030000


-                                 stack interface. After this time    expires,                          01040000


-                                 node address generation ends for one                               01050000


-                                 interface and begins for the next interface.                      01060000


-                                 Default is 15 minutes.                                                           01070000


-                                 Range is 1 to 720   (ie 1min to 12hrs)                                 01080000

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08-05-2015 10:09 AM

Hi!   Just wanted to let you know that Steve Beerman made this update and it can be found in published RO83395.

07-30-2015 04:12 PM

Given the changes here are very minimal with best thing being no VSAM updates and just a change to the proc, I think spending the 5-10 minutes to revise the comments are doable.

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