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CA Tech Tip : CA Datacom/DB 14.0 S0C1 DBINRPR - URT RRS=YES after IPL 

Oct 15, 2015 04:21 AM

Tech Tip  from Karina Pulinx , Principal Support Engineer , for October 15 ,2015 .


After IPL of the LPAR where  the 14.0 CA Datacom Multi-User (MUF)  is running some  batch programs are getting a S0C1 abend in DBINRPR +4B48  .

Those batch programs are accessing tables or files under control of another resource manager (like for example DB2 ,VSAM)  in addition to CA Datacom tables.

The User requirements table (URT) being used by those programs has  OPEN=USER,RRS=YES in the DBURINF macro and the MUF has been started with RRS .


From the CA Datacom/DB  Database and System Administration Guide :



(Optional) (z/OS only.) Specifies support for two-phase commit for batch resources utilizing the Resource Recovery Services (RRS) of the operating system. This allows a batch program using multiples of CA Datacom/DB performing maintenance, or other RRS-supporting Resource Managers, to provide full two-phase commit/rollback protection of the "common" transaction. For more information on two-phase commit and RRS, see Two-Phase Commit and RRS.

Note: The Force Area (FXX) must have been initialized using the level SP02 code of CA Datacom/DB r10 in order for RRS to perform correctly.

The MUF must be running authorized to use the RRS MUF startup option.


Following is the syntax diagram for the RRS MUF startup option.

►► RRS ─ entry ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────



If FAIL is specified and RRS is not available at MUF startup, the MUF does not enable.

If CONTINUE is specified, the MUF enables even if RRS is not available.

If the RRS MUF startup option is omitted, or if RRS CONTINUE is specified and RRS is not available, an open of a User Requirements Table with RRS=YES specified, in the DBURINF macro, fails.

If RRS is specified, the RXXROLLBACK MUF startup option must be specified as YES.



Why are these S0C1 abends occurring now after the IPL  while all was running fine before   ?


The most common reason for these S0C1 abends is that  our  PC CALL module DBPCSPR has not been loaded by CAIRIM .

Run DBUTLTY REPORT MEMORY=MVS to check this out .


From the CA Datacom/DB  Database and System Administration Guide :


Installation and Use of the CA Datacom/DB Program Call PC Routines


A new Program Call PC subroutine has been built that is subordinate to the CAMASTER address space to support special requirements. Those special requirements include the use of XCF communications, RRS for two-phase processing, and not running DBUTLTY as authorized, as required. CAIRIM installs the DBPCSPR routine during the IPL process, or later. If not installed by CAIRIM, there is no support for XCF, RRS, or DBUTLTY functions, or requirements that cannot be done in problem mode. CAMASTER is part of CA Common Services for z/OS.

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