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New Documentation Platform

  • 1.  New Documentation Platform

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Aug 19, 2019 12:13 PM

    As part of Broadcom's acquisition of CA Technologies, all CA product documentation available on docops.ca.com is moving to a new customer documentation platform  -- TechDocs.Broadcom.com.

    You can view doc content anonymously or login with your Broadcom Login seamlessly, and you will find the same features with which you were familiar on docops in the new site, but with a different look and feel.  Bookmark it as your new home page for all CA Mainframe Product Documentation.

    The new doc platform remains a work-in-progress: over 100 Mainframe products are available on it today, while the remainder of products you select will redirect you to DocOps until they are available on the new platform. Additional features such as commenting and enhanced on-demand PDF will be coming in the next months. 

    To go directly to the new location for the CA MIM for z/OS documentation, see CA MIM for z/OS.

    To go directly to the new location for the CA MIM for VM documentation, see CA MIM for z/VM.

    We appreciate your patience as we continue to move to the new product documentation platform and continually enhance it for you, our customers. 

    Broadcom, Inc