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  • 1.  Generating Reports vis CLI & Batch Jobs

    Posted Mar 01, 2021 01:28 PM

    My main goal is to schedule a Batch Job to generate a "morning report" that has been defined in iDash. But I'm getting "IDASH_HOME not set" regardless of what CLI Command I'm issuing. Be it via the CLI or a Batch Job.


    I THINK I've done everything I need to do to set things up to use the CLI, at least according to the manuals.


    From the CLI on a Windows 2016 server...

    E:\CA\IDASH\bin\idgencsv -t -n DailyBatchTargetReport -f E:\CA\IDASH\DailyBatchTargetReport.csv

    "IDASH_HOME not set"


    Even idgencsv -h returns that error...

    E:\CA\IDASH\bin>idgencsv -h

    "IDASH_HOME not set"


    I've tried several iterations of the Batch job, including this...


    Exitcode 0000 Success

    Exitcode 1-9999 Failure



    IDASH\DLYBATCHREPORT.bat contains the following...

    E:\CA\IDASH\bin\idgencsv -t -n DailyBatchTargetReport -f E:\CA\IDASH\DailyBatchTargetReport.csv


    But receive the same error. What am I missing?


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  • 2.  RE: Generating Reports vis CLI & Batch Jobs

    Posted Mar 02, 2021 02:50 AM

    iDash cli is searching %IDASH_HOME\etc\idash.conf to find iDash server URL.
    Try to add in DLYBATCHREPORT.bat

    it should work. Otherwise you can create this variable in Windows System variables, thus it will known to all batches.

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