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VANTAGE 14.0 and 14.1 - Critical Alert - November 2021

  • 1.  VANTAGE 14.0 and 14.1 - Critical Alert - November 2021

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Nov 16, 2021 07:34 AM

    Dear Vantage user,


    The purpose of this Critical Alert is to inform you of a potential problem that has been recently identified with Vantage Storage Resource Manager.  Please read the information provided below and follow the instructions in order to avoid being impacted.


    PRODUCT(S) AFFECTED: Vantage SRM and Vantage GMI  RELEASE: 14.0 and 14.1


    1. In Vantage 14.0, PTF LU01418 can cause high CPU consumption by the Vantage Console
       Message Automation feature, which can cause a z/OS system outage.

       In Vantage 14.1, the base product can cause the same issue.

    2. Vantage STC can flood the system log with VKGMSGX1 messages.

    This SYSMOD introduces a new Vantage system parameter XMBUFFSZ that
    specifies the size of the cross memory message buffer in MBytes.


    1. Vantage STC consumes significantly more CPU and the z/OS system is

    2. The system log contains a large number of duplicates of the
       following message:
       VKGMSGX1 RETURN R15=00000009


    1. High CPU usage by Vantage STC can degrade the overall system
       performance and cause a z/OS system outage.

    2. The system log is filled with a large number of duplicated messages.


    1. Set the Vantage WTOEMCS system parameter to (Y) to use Extended
       Multiple Console Support (EMCS) to retrieve console messages for
       Message Automation instead of the WTO exit.

    2. No action necessary.


    Vantage SRM and Vantage GMI 14.0 HIPER PTF LU03144

    Vantage SRM and Vantage GMI 14.1 HIPER PTF LU03288


    If you have any questions about this Critical Alert, please contact Broadcom Support.

    Thank you,

    Vantage Product Team