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CA Db2 Tools New Features Summary - Winter 2020 Edition

  • 1.  CA Db2 Tools New Features Summary - Winter 2020 Edition

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Dec 20, 2020 01:57 AM
    Edited by Lenn Thompson Dec 16, 2021 09:58 AM

    Here is a summarized list of the recent enhancements we have made to Version 20.0 of the CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS.

    Feature Highlights

    New MRI Solutions Assessment - Db2 for z/OS Report: A new assessment is now available in CA Mainframe Resource Intelligence (MRI) that provides insights to optimize, modernize, and secure your IBM® Db2 for z/OS environments. The new Db2 for z/OS Report explores your mainframe Db2 subsystems and provides easy-to-read reports to help you optimize your database management system (DBMS) investment, and possibly help in achieving cost reductions, modernization, and data protection. The Db2 for z/OS Report can help you quickly assess the complexity and size of your Db2 environment and provide zPARM recommendations to help improve performance.

    To ask questions or schedule a demo, go to CA Mainframe Resource Intelligence or contact mri@broadcom.com.

    Recovery Estimator: Database Administrators can use the new Recovery Estimator batch utility to determine if Db2 objects are recoverable and also estimate how much time it will take to complete the recovery. For each Db2 object you specify, the following details are provided:

    • Whether the object is recoverable
    • Which image copy was used for the estimate
    • The size of the logs used for the estimate

    This information is often needed to confirm that recovery service level agreements (SLAs) can be met and to fine-tune your recovery strategies. The Db2 objects and copy data sets are untouched during the estimation and verification process. For more information about this feature, see Use the Recovery Estimator.

    Smart/Restart: a new solution in the CA Db2 Tools portfolio, which provides Broadcom customers with the ability to automatically restart Db2 and IMS applications from the point of failure and avoid the need to restart processing from the beginning (sometimes referred to as "coordinated recovery".

    This new solution can help to:

    • meet batch production schedules
    • minimize processing cost
    • maximize application performance.

    Often without changes to source code!


    Other Features

    • Support for Db2 12 function level M508 (V12R1M508).
    • The Thread Termination\Dynamic DSNZPARM value pack component now supports the following Db2 11 and Db2 12 DSNZPARMs:
      • The current values for these parameters can now be viewed by selecting the View DSNZPARM Data option, which is accessible from the CA Thread Terminator Main Menu.
    • CA Fast Load now supports partition-by-range relative page number (PBR2) to separate the partition number from the page number and provide greater flexibility in partition processing during load processing.
    • CA Log Analyzer now provides ALTER KEYLABEL. The DDL report includes changes that come from ALTER statements that modify the KEYLABEL values of Db2 tables and storage groups introduced in function level V12R1M502.
    • CA Quick Copy has been enhanced to detect whether IBM LOAD or IBM REORG is processing an object before it creates an image copy of that object. Using the PQC-IBM-UTILITY-DETECTION parameter helps you avoid potential conflicts, such as incorrect RBA values, and is supported by all SHRLEVEL settings.
    • CA RC/Migrator, CA RC/Compare, and CA RC/Update have added support to generate the INSERT ALGORITHM clause in CREATE TABLESPACE DDL on Db2 12 subsystems. This support is useful when migrating, altering, and comparing tablespaces.
    • CA SYSVIEW for DB2 enhancements:
      • Support for new Db2 12 remote location fields. New fields have been added to the trace records, the exception system, and reports have been updated.
      • Support for new disk cache fields in trace records.

    ​For more information about these enhancements, see New Features in the Release Notes.

    What's cooking in the lab?

    Join the CA Db2 Tools 20.0 Validation Project, where the Broadcom labs reveal upcoming features and seek users' feedback. You will see what we are developing  as we develop it. Validation meetings are your best opportunity to influence the development of the CA Database Management Solutions for Db2 for z/OS products.

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