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Now Available: GUI Runtime dynamically calls MFC

  • 1.  Now Available: GUI Runtime dynamically calls MFC

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Nov 15, 2021 05:39 PM

    We are pleased to announce an update to the GUI Runtime to call MFC dynamically, rather than statically. 

    • Dynamic calling is important to enable customers to stay on the latest and most secure versions of third-party software. 
    • This improvement is in reaction to customer feedback, and is facilitated by Microsoft's change enabling runtime libraries and apps using recent versions of the compiler to be binary-compatible across multiple versions (More info here).  

    This PTF will require customers using GUI Runtime to rebuild the Windows Managers.

    You can find the solution here: 


    In 2019 we announced that Broadcom products, including Gen, would be adopting a Continuous Delivery model. This is similar to the previous Incremental Release strategy, but with fewer barriers for customers and even more emphasis on delivering value early in smaller pieces that enable customers to supervise and minimize impact to their business. For more information regarding Continuous Delivery, check out this article and this webcast

    Historically Gen has tried to hold changes that require rebuilds for a major release. However, with our adoption of a CD strategy, we are delivering these changes in small increments via PTF(s) to Gen 8.6.

    Kim Peelman
    Product Owner, CA Gen