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beyond ideating - i need change to how fixes are delievered

  • 1.  beyond ideating - i need change to how fixes are delievered

    Posted 07-25-2018 01:58 PM

    this week I experienced a problem in R19 detector - I opened an issue and was promptly supplied a R19 fix - I asked if a R20 fix was needed and it so was it available


    the response was ....


    Ok, note that this fix won't be in R20 that soon.

    I have been informed that the R20 PTF for this problem didn't get into the latest Incremental Release for R20. They will take a look at getting it into a later Incremental Release.


    to me this is unacceptable on so many reasons


    1) if a have one problem - I want one fix to resolve it - not an IR


    to get a fix for my problem - I must pull in an implement modifications for problems I may not be experiencing for products I ma happy with as is, or heaven forbid new features - even if I was okay with that - I must now have a full-blown post-implementation validation in test before the application of these modifications can be made to prod, and then another full-blown post-implementation validation in prod before the changed can be considered complete - all for one problem, where a targeted before/after test wouldsuffice


    2) if a fix is published in R19 - and it is determined that the fix is required for R20 as well, then I should not have to wait 6 weeks? for the fix to be published - is 7 days too much to ask?