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  • 1.  CA Tools Exception alerts

    Posted Jul 21, 2016 10:52 AM

    Customer would like to receive alerts on potential database exceptions. What is the best way in providing this type of monitoring?

  • 2.  Re: CA Tools Exception alerts
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    Posted Jul 22, 2016 04:50 AM

    Hello Donnie,

    I would recommend to go to Support Online (support.ca.com) and register for the Hiper Notifications to get the alert for important issues.

    Best regards, Gerlinde

  • 3.  Re: CA Tools Exception alerts

    Posted Jul 22, 2016 04:14 PM



    Can you further define "receive alerts on potential database exceptions"?  I am going to guess that you might like an Email if a DB2 object is in an unnatural state such as restricted state or has a high percentage of space used.   Is this an example of something you want to accomplish?   If so, the CA Sysview for DB2 for z/OS  product has a great Exception Processing Definition and Monitoring process.  


    If you are looking for exceptions to SQL execution, the CA Detector For DB2 for z/OS product can handle this type of processing.