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New Hyper for CA MICS Resource Management 14.0

  • 1.  New Hyper for CA MICS Resource Management 14.0

    Posted Dec 15, 2016 02:03 PM


    MSMF 246
     After applying product change SMF6983, the DAY030 and INCR030 steps
     might fail with a U0999 ABEND and the following SASLOG error message:
         ERROR: INPUT statement exceeded record length.
          INFILE dsn.of.SMF.data.file  OPTION STOPOVER specified.
     This is followed by a record dump.  To determine if the ABEND is
     caused by this problem, examine the 2nd byte of the record dump.
     The value of the 2nd byte will be x'16' (decimal 22), as shown below:
         RULE:     ----+----1----+----2-
             CHAR  ..........SYS1.......-----etc.-----etc.
             ZONE  1103240130EEEF0000000-----etc.-----etc.
             NUMR  E60A83163F282109010B1-----etc.-----etc.
     Reason for ABEND:
     IBM creates SMF type 22 records to document configuration updates and
     changes for a variety of data center resources.  Each type 22 record
     contains one or more sections associated with some configuration
     change. The 2nd byte of each section identifies the section type.
     For example ID=1 means "CPU Section", ID=3 means "Storage Section",
     ID=7 means "Reconfigured Channel Path Section".  MICS depends on the
     ID value in order to know how to parse the section because each
     section has a unique format.
     IBM has added an "I/O Configuration Change Element Section" that uses
     the same ID value as a previously existing section.  Both the
     "Reconfigured PCIE Function Identifier (PFID) Section" and the newer
     "I/O Configuration Change Element Section" use an ID value of
     decimal 11 (HEX '0B').
     MICS does not currently support processing of the "I/O Configuration
     Change Element Section".  Therefore, when processing SMF type 22
     records where the section ID is HEX '0B', MICS assumes it is dealing
     with a PCIE section.
     Product change SMF6983 corrected a problem where MICS was not reading
     all 4 bytes of a PCIE PFID value. After SMF6983, each PFID ID is read
     as 4 bytes instead of only 1 byte.  When MICS is processing one of
     the "I/O Configuration Change" type 22 records, the additional bytes
     read lead to an attempt to read beyond the end of the record,
     resulting in the U0999 STOPOVER ABEND.
     CA has opened a PMR with IBM requesting action for this problem.
     IBM provide a means of differentiating between "I/O Configuration
     Change Element" and  "Reconfigured PCIE Function Identifier (PFID)"
     DAY030 or INCR030 failure with U0999 STOPOVER ABEND
     Failure of DAILY job or Incremental Update step.
     Temporarily add the following statements to the _USRSEL exit
     in sp.SOURCE(#BASEXIT) until the SMF6991 fix is applied:
           IF SMFRTYPE=22 THEN SKIP_REC=1 ;
         END ;
     Remove this _USRSEL exit code after SMF6991 is applied.
     PROBLEM RESOLUTION:  Apply the following PTF to the system.
              ***NOTE***  Retain the printed output for reference.
     PRODUCT(S) AFFECTED: CA MICS                                Release 14.0
                          CA MICS Batch and Operations Analyzer  Release 14.0
                          CA MICS Resource Management Base Set   Release 14.0



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