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CA Compliance Event Manager 5.0 is now Generally Available

  • 1.  CA Compliance Event Manager 5.0 is now Generally Available

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Oct 17, 2016 04:57 PM

    We are pleased to announce that CA Compliance Event Manager release 5.0 is now Generally Available. 


    CA Compliance Event Manager is a critical part of our Data Loss Prevention solution, providing Mainframe security experts with real-time alerts to security issues and helping to prevent insider threats and loss of critical data. It is designed to monitor core z/OS systems for changes to critical configurations and resources as well as events in External Security Managers (ESMs). It supports auditing and provides the ability to save and query historical security events for forensic inspection, supporting improvements in security policies. In particular, it brings an improved time-to-value with quick installations, reduced infrastructure footprint, and a new lightweight web user interface. Improved performance and high availability support for Sysplex are included as well.


    To learn more about CA Compliance Event Manager, please join us on October 28 for No-Fail Friday: Alert, Inspect and Protect with CA Compliance Event Manager!  For a product overview, release information, and more, check out our CA Compliance Event Manager documentation.


    CA Communities Users: Please note that we have renamed the CA Compliance Manager category in the CA Mainframe Security community to CA Compliance Event Manager.  If you are using CA Compliance Manager release 2.0, please use this renamed category.  If you are using CA Chorus for Security and Compliance Management, please continue to use the CA Chorus Security & Compliance category.